F.A.Q (frequently asked questions)

Can I assemble the accessories myself?

YES, as long as you are careful not to force/damage the screw inserts.

Can I configure a custom headset?

YES, it is a Compo helmet that allows the choice of colors for all the helmet accessories, provided that these colors are strictly those that we propose in the configurator.

Can I order a helmet in a special color?

NO, a Compo is only made from a helmet color (cap) available in our helmet range.

What is the delivery time for a "Compo" helmet?

Up to 21 days

Can I use the headset without the Mask?

NO, only the Phoenix configuration is approved for public roads.
The use of Convertrims in place of the Mask is to be reserved exclusively for use on private property.

Is there an antifog system for the Phoenix visor?

NO, we recommend applying a product to the inside of the visor.